Things To Do For Mom This Mothers Day

6 Amazing Things To Do For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

The time of the year to celebrate our mothers is once again here. What are you doing for the wonderful woman who brought you into the world this Mother’s day season. I hope you won’t just change your Whatsapp profile pic to hers or share a photo of her on Facebook and attach some weightless caption like you always do. No, not this time around. Here’s a few ways to make mom’s day a special one this season.

Take mom out

Take mom to one of the luxurious restaurants in town or to one of the many mellow entertainment events happening on the day.

Celebrate mom

Organize a party for your mom. Invite few friends and family members over for a delightful gathering meant to celebrate your mother.

Spend some alone time with mom

Have a one-on-one conversation with your mom. Bring back memories from your childhood and make jokes. You will be surprised how much you will learn from her.

Do the chores

Wake up early on the day and perform all her chores. Tell mom not to touch anything, not even the spoon she’ll eat with. Make sure to do every chore there is. Clean the bowls, sweep the house, wake her from bed, walk her from the bedroom, sit beside her while she have her meals… Just make her relax while you ride around.

Frame a memorable photo

You won’t need to get mom an Iphone or a heavy car to make her day. Gifting mom with a framed memorable picture is all you will need to make her day a special one. A framed photo of “young mom” or a childhood photo of yourself and/or mom will do.

Take your girlfriend/boyfriend home

It’s an African genetic thing, we always hide our lovers from our parent as if it was a bad thing to be in a relationship. I promise you mommy will we be more than elated to receive your partner. and oh, Do not even venture to do this if you are 16 years (they will kill you. 😝😝😝)

what special treatment will you give mom this Mother’s day?? Comment below.

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