Ladies 4 Reasons Why No Man Will Marry You

Ladies: 4 Reasons Why No Man Will Marry You

A fair number of my lady friends have been discussing marriage with me nowadays. We would talk about their kind of guy and how life will be like as a wife and mother and more of marriage life. I learnt so much from these interactions that now I know what it takes to be a marriage material. Read on.

No man will marry you because:

Your dream men do not exist

It’s like every young lady out there has a ‘Mr Dumb’ guy they’d like to marry perceived. So they live their entire adulthood hoping to meet him. Guess what?? The hard truth is that: MR DUMB- “the 6-foot tall guy with eight packs, a multi-million business, a Ferrari, a 2-million dollar mansion and a big heart to love the guff out of you” does not exist. The only person I know of who comes close to him is Asamoah Gyan (I don’t think Asamoah Gyan will love you).
You will never find “Mr Dumb” so let’s fall in love with ‘Mr. Right’ and stop searching for ‘Mr Dumb'(even his name says it all 😜).

You are known as a party girl

I don’t know of how many wedding ceremonies you’ve been to, if you are a regular attendant, you may notice that the wedded brides are mostly not the ones you chill with but the ones you call “dull”. No one is saying it’s bad to have a little with friends, but you should know there’s difference between ‘party goers’ and ‘party girls’.

It is OK to turn up at parties and chill small, just don’t freeze or else your will be tagged a ‘party girl'(and no one will marry you).

They call you sexy & Beautiful

Honestly if I was girl I’d condemn any comment about me being sexy or hot. Just so you know, no guy wants marry the sexy girl. They call you sexy because they want to have sex with you (and dump you, and go find another sexy chick).

It’s a good thing to look good or attractive, just don’t look too good to be called ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’. So go, put on some decent clothes and Mr. right will come your way within the next 5 business days (lemme hear an AMEN 😄).

You like “Aben w)ha” – You do not love

Y’all ladies be searching for already made men like how Bokum Banku is searching for a proper bleaching cream. These days, relationships are not even about love, but wealth. Successful  men always make wise decisions, so in the case of marriage too, they would choose wisely. They are hard to come by too. Instead of sitting back and relish while you watch me struggle my way to success, come join me let hustle together (I’m single 😉).

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