Steve Jobs Reasons Why You Will Never Be The Successful

Reasons Why You Will Never Be The Successful


Yes, every single person who’ll read this has for not less than probably a couple of times said to themselves “I will get married to a responsible spouse, build a three-storey mansion, buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom, have the most adorable children,…”. In short, you want to be successful.

Now take a minute, think… Then see if you have answers to these questions.

  1. What money will you use to purchase the the mansions and the Ferraris?
  2. How are you going to make that money?

what were your answers? Do you any idea where the money will come from? No? read on.

You will not have the successful life you anticipate because-

You do not have a Goal

Successful people set goals and make sure they are achieved. Setting goals is the  base concept of every successful empire or individual around today. Find something you would want to do for the rest of your life and that should be you life goal(you live because of it).

You are not reaching for your goals

Some of us do find our dreams but yet still do not work for them. Every one dreams, but only dreaming never made anyone successful, working does. Work to attain your dreams.

You do not believe in yourself and your goals

Self believe plays a very important role in achieving ones goals. You do not expect another person to believe or trust your brand if you doubt your brands originality or authenticity. It starts with you.

You live like others

You try to fit in, you fear you will be called ‘different’. Successful people live a life different from the mass. They come up with the trends the mass lives anyway.

You are waiting on the perfect environment to start

Most of us will complain of not having the resources to start or even venture.

tell you a little about myself I set up and started this website,, using my family home computer, the only one computer in my house which everyone in the home used. Today this website has over 12,000 subscribers and makes over 60,000 visits monthly. What’s your excuse?

You are afraid of competition

You would not venture or may even quit because there’s competition. So what there are gurus other than your brand in the field you’ve chosen. If you believe in the product you are selling, then there’s no need to worry about competitors, just go out there and beat some competition.

You do not have a plan

You started a commerce or business but it is not growing or getting productive as you foresaw at the start? Draw a plan and abide by it. Make a sketch of what you want to achieve on daily weekly and monthly basis then wait to see the magic(only if will abide by the plan).

You always find excuses

What is that situation or circumstance stopping you from achieving your goals?
Must you allow such an instance to block you from attaining your goals?

There will always be set of conditions to barricade your intentions to be a successful person, but it’s up to you to know and realize that the future holds a lot fun and happiness than today, if today is lived as preparation for it.

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