Best Internet Bundle Offers In Ghana

Best Mobile Internet Bundle Offers In Ghana


Internet is so expensive these days, only the well off could care less about how fast the internet is draining their data. Most people like myself will turn their mobile data off or pull out the modem from the PC when they are not using the internet. So you want to choose the best out of the many immoderate internet bundles around?? Read on.

All networks

I would not recommend choosing daily internet bundle packages as they are relatively expensive to choosing weekly or monthly packages.


The best internet bundle offers on Vodafone are hidden in their ‘X’ bundle packages. To get the most amount of data on Vodafone you’ll need to subscribe to any of their ‘X’ packages.

On the networks regular subscriptions, you pay ¢11.99 for 400mb data(*700*1*3#) for a period of 30 days, while you get rewarded with (1.2gb data + 250mb for social media platforms) on the X offer for the same ¢11.99. Dial *5888# to register for Vodafone X and choose from the variety of offers one that suites you.


My favorite bundle offer on Tigo is the ¢30.00 for 3gb data package(*500*2*3#) with 30 days validity period, and it’s the best there is on Tigo, to my consent. My second best and favorite of the bundle packages offered by Tigo is the ¢5.00 for 400mb data package (*500*2*2#) valid for 7 days.

There’s also a 2gb free night data allowance package (*500*3#), valid for only 4 hours(12am – 4am). This offer will be most handy if you need to do excessive downloads – to update/upgrade your phone, download new apps and updates or even watch all the YouTube videos you want.


Glo has got some cool bundle offers too. The best internet bundle offer they have is the “Weekend + Night Browsing” mini plan. Here you’re rewarded 3gb of data valid for 7 days. You get to use your 3gb data only during the night on weekdays (11am – 6am) and throughout the weekend.
Breaking it down, the bundle offer is only activated at night (11am – 6am) during week days throughout the 7 day validity period, while on weekends, you get to browse through out the day (friday night to monday moring). Cost is ¢8.00. Subscription code is *127*21#.

Glo internet is one of the most expensive around, a good thing is, they provide enough period of time to exhaust your chosen data package.


The best packages on MTN are for the night owls. The most favourable ones amongst which are – the “one night only” package and the “mid-night” package. For an amount of ¢3.00 you’re rewarded with unlimited (which in a way is not true) amount of data(*138*1*4#) from 12am – 5am. The truth behind the “UNLIMITED” here is that: after utilizing/downloading 3gb of data with the maximum speed offered (sometime up to 5mb per sec), the network speed drops to  128kbps(at this stage you know you f**ked), and stays that way till 5am.

The mid-night package truly gives you unlimited amount of data(*138*1*4#) valid for only 2 hours (3am – 5am) during the night at a cost of 1.00 Ghana p3.

There’s also an unlimited monthly subscription internet bundle package on MTN. Just like their “one-night only” package, it is not truly unlimited. You are actually rewarded with 15gb of data(*138*1*4#) with maximum speed available which drops to 128kps, then to 64kps. Validity period is 30 days.


Airtel offers the most expensive internet bundle packages. The only exciting offer from them should be the free “facebook” and “” browsing. The best I know of internet bundle packages offered by Airtel is the ¢30.00 for 2gb data package, valid for 30 days.

Though their internet packages are not so friendly, just like Glo they provide enough period of time to exhaust your chosen data package.


Surfline no doubt has the best internet in Ghana and the fastest(4g) as well. They have really cool offers at the best prices. Surfline mainly targets PC users and Businesses, though they have MIFIs for tablet and smartphone users. Their devices are expensive, but after purchasing, there’s a whole lot of cool packages to choose from.

The best internet bundle offer from them will be their ¢299.00 for unlimited data package: I hope their unlimited means truly means “unlimited”, other that, Coooooooooooool!.

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