BEEF D Black Disses Wanlov In New Single

BEEF: D Black Disses Wanlov In New Single | Listen


Who would have thought 2016 would end without witnessing another celebrity beef? Well, there’s this new one between D Black & Wanlov.

Wanlov has said that his sister Deborah Vanessa raps better than D Black and that and that he does not see D Black as a rapper.

Wanlov was reacting to a list that was released by MTV Base Africa, in which D Black is seen in the list as one  of the Top 10 Hottest GH Rappers.

It turns out, D-Black did not take Wanlov’s comments likely and decided to reply him using a song titled ‘The List’

D Black goes hard on Wanlov revealing issues of his past and how he took advantage of the buzz to release a new video just to up his views. He goes ahead to describe the Kokonsa hit maker as a a kid from an affluent family doing everything weird just to draw attention.

D Black perhaps recorded the song with his phone as there was no instrumentals to it.

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