Here's Everything You Need To Know About Rashida, The black Beauty

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Rashida, The Black Beauty


Let me present to you Ghana’s freshest Superstar, Rashida, the black beauty, AKA the Malafaka Queen.

If you haven’t heard of Rashida as at today, then you are living such a boring life, my friend. Read on.

well here she is, black and beautiful Rashida.

Rashid the black beauty
Rashid the black beauty

How it all started.

Rashida was only a brokenhearted Berekum girl trying to get back at here ex-boyfriend (Kushman) for leaving her for another girl (Abigail).

Plot got twisted when the internet found excitement in her hilarious message recorded on camera to Kushman. Her video message to Kushman got viral and booOOOMM!! New Superstar (it’s that easy to be on the news these days).

video 1

video 2

The diss song

After the release of these intense videos, which made here one of the internet’s greatest sensations, Rashida followed her viral “malafaka” video with a diss song to Kushman. (shown below)

The award

Rashida has had the honor to be listed as a nominee in 2016’s JIGWE awards.

She is currently contesting for viral video of the year award with President John Dramani Mahama, Obinim, Kafui Dey and Lilwin in the same category.


Photos of Rashida have been flooding social media since. Wny?? she’s a star duhh!! Check them out below.

Rashida Black Beauty Rashida Black Beauty Rashida Black Beauty Rashida Black Beauty Rashida Black Beauty

The now famous Rashida is the hottest cake needed by all Ghanaian media outlets right now. Kofi TV & Viasat 1 TV GH a are two media houses that have had the chance to interview the Malafaka Queen. see below

Video 1

Video 2

what are you waiting? Go make a diss video for your your ex now. Who knows, might be your chance at fame.

Oh!! almost forgot,

here’s Kushman & his new girlfriend, Abigail.

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